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Book: Fishing Barges of California 1921-1998 by Ed Ries

Fishing Barges of California 1921-1998

by Ed Ries

After the success of his book Tales of the Golden Years of California Ocean Fishing; 1900-1950, Ed Ries was encouraged to provide further insights into the history of saltwater sportfishing. The barge story was briefly outlined in Tales..., but so much information remained unrecorded that a work devoted solely to the barges was considered necessary. Few realize that over 110 barges once dotted the coastline from Monterey to San Diego, but mostly in the greater LA area such as the lucrative saltwater fishing grounds of Redondo and other areas of Santa Monica Bay. This book is the result of many years of research and with 280 historical photos and illustrations, the complete story of the barge industry is documented from its beginnings in 1921 until the last barge was decommissioned in 1998. To date, it is the only book ever published on the subject. All who are interested in ocean fishing and local history will enjoy the many stories about the Fishing Barges of California 1921-1998, a forgotten era of maritime history unique to Southern California.

photo of Fishing Barge Minnie A. Caine in Santa Monica Bay

Fishing Barge Minnie A. Caine
in Santa Monica Bay

photo of The Isle of Redondo, the last barge in operation

The Isle of Redondo
The Last Barge in Operation

photo ofThe Olympic II - one of the largest fishing barges

The Olympic II

This was one of the largest fishing barges. A former full rigged ship, she was rammed and sunk by a Japanese freighter in 1940 with the loss of eight lives, bringing about the enforcement of stringent laws. Today, the Olympic II is one of the popular wreck diving destinations of Southern California

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